Honest to Goodness

The internet can be a scary world [wide web] when it comes to health information and resources.  It's hard to know where to look and if what you find is true.
I like to keep it real.  And share that realness with others.  Lotions and potions are cool, but to me, science is cooler... and almost always more effective. 
My blogs are written on health matters that matter, and are backed by evidence.  If there is a health topic you would like for me to cover, please message me below.
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” It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Holding an Apple

Oh, hey there.

I'm Julie, aka Jules.

I don't take myself seriously, but I do take matters of the body and mind serious.  Our physical and mental health are so important, yet often minimized to outward appearance or overlooked altogether.

I've started this website in hopes that I can create a safe space for women seeking tried and TRUE information, resources, and tools to improve their health and the health of the communities they live in.

I hope you find my content engaging and helpful.  Thank you for entrusting me in your physical and mental wellbeing, and for wanting to make a difference.

In good health,

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