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Here's the skinny on losing weight

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As a thicky-thick girl-woman all of my life, I've dealt with dealing with my body: from loving it, to wanting to get to that "ideal" weight, to liking it, to downright hating it. For all five feet zero inches of me, just 5 pounds gained or lost can make a significant difference in my outward appearance. But on the inside? Well, my happiness or unhappiness is almost NEVER predicated by my weight.

A childhood friend of mine use to say she likes being "fat and happy". That same friend went on to lose 60 pounds only to realize that she wasn't truly happy before, and that she's truly happy now -- not because she is thin, but because she feels good and in control of her body. Of course, her new outward appearance is the sugar-free icing on her gluten-free cake, but the 18 months of dedication and putting herself first (not easy with four kids!) is what really makes her happy.

I have another friend that recently separated from her husband and rapidly lost 15 pounds. She calls it "the divorce diet". The amount of calories she's expending from intense circuit training far exceed the number of calories she's consuming. Does she look great - yes. (She looked great before, btw.) Is she content - nooo. She's anxious and feeling a bit like a hamster stuck on a hamster wheel - which actually may be a thing in Orangetheory Fitness? I digress...

And then I have another friend that felt she had really "let go" of her body and wanted to eat better. She went on a diet that involved a health coach and retrained her way of thinking about food. She lost about 20 pounds over 4 months. She looks incredible AND she feels great. But does she feel great because she looks incredible? No, she feels great because she now views food as fuel, and not a coping mechanism. Her healthy way of eating (and drinking plenty of water) has cleared her mental fog and improved her energy, and subsequently, her outlook on life.

So, before you decide to lose weight, reflect on your reason and your motivation. Focusing solely on a physical appearance end goal may not be an optimal objective. The means to the end goal is just as important as reaching the goal.

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